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Happy Resurrection!


I celebrate The Great Easter with my Christian Brothers and Sisters; although at Yaahssogah, it’s not called Easter and the ceremony is slightly different.

Nevertheless, the celebration is still about the Resurrection from death of our Lord, Saviour, God-Connector & Son of God, Christ Yeshua.

For those of you who mind, I wish you Resurrection in Every Good Area of your Life that needs it.

Don’t forget the Reason for the Season!

Happy Resurrection!

Donald IfesinaChi (Dicn)

Donald IfesinaChi Chijioke Nwokolo (Dicn) /di:kn/ is a Christ Yeshua Follower, Songwriter, Singer, Rapper, Writer, Speaker, Expositor, Graphics Designer, Printer, Filmmaker, Soprano Voice Coach, Arts Enthusiast, Uncertified Philosopher, etc. www.donald-ifesinachi-dicn.com, www.dicn.name, www.dicnei.com, www.yaahssogah.biz, www.igbo-naani.org.ng, www.fortheloveofthisnation.org.ng, www.shoppinginenugu.com.ng.


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